The Story of Mr. Blue is now FREE

posted on: November 29, 2017

My recently released illustrated tale, The Story of Mr. Blue, is now FREE for three days on Amazon!  This short story is perfect for families to share.  Detailing the formation of a relationship between the author and a Beta fish, it shows the unique personality of the fish, as well as the growing sense of connection and joy between… Read more

The Joy of Collaborative Creation

posted on: October 4, 2017

  Writing and art are isolated passions. I envy musicians, dancers and actors who hone and produce art as a team, especially jazz musicians who play off each other in instant shared creation. But writers and artists rarely share the joy of creating with another. Yes, we work with writing buddies to improve our work,… Read more

A Short Bird Story: Lust and Loss

posted on: June 14, 2017

This year birds welcomed spring with a lusty flurry, celebrating the season by swooping through trees, trilling, cawing, pecking, whistling, singing, and chirping. Bright red birds, hopping robins, wood-peckers, red and gold finches, vibrant blue jays played and zoomed in the forest surrounding my house.  Desire and excitement in the air. A Baltimore Oriole arrived… Read more

Women’s March Los Angeles

posted on: January 22, 2017

    We were lucky. Rain let up for the day after breaking California’s five-year drought. I woke up early, met Sheila Finch, and we boarded the 7:15 am Metro Blue Line train at the first station in Long Beach going north to Los Angeles. The platform was packed. We were the last to squeeze… Read more

Hands Across America Cookies

posted on: December 12, 2016

Holidays are fast approaching and our country is still ricocheting from the divisive election. Now it’s the time for festivals and welcoming a new year. The holidays at this season– with the Christmas tree lights, Hanukah candles, and the Kwanza lights –are our way to bring brightness into the dark time of the year. Soon… Read more

Two Illustrated Short Stories for the Price of One!

posted on: September 28, 2016

  Angels, the tale of something wonderful happening in a dismal world, is now live on Amazon with all illustrations in vibrant and glorious color. To celebrate, I am giving away my illustrated short story, Other Lives.  It will be free for three days from September 29 – October 1. You can get two illustrated… Read more

My Mother’s Plant: the Will to Live

posted on: August 4, 2016

When my mother died in 1976, my brother and I voyaged to Harrisburg Pennsylvania to clean out her apartment. She was only 62, and, in spite of having several heart attacks for almost a decade, continued to work as Commissioner of Mental Health for the state of Pennsylvania. We donated her clothes to the state… Read more

The Pit Fire: the Four Elements, Serendipity, and Me.

posted on: April 19, 2016

When my ceramics teacher, Anita Sinclair, told us we were going to do a pit fire, I was thrilled. And it was at the beach! I had always wanted to turn the earth into a pot as humans had done for tens of thousands of years. The archaeological digs I was part of consisted digging… Read more

The Christmas Cookie Club starts a new tradition!

posted on: December 23, 2015

I few days ago, my twitter feed notified me  that the novel that launched The Christmas Cookie Club series inspired a tradition.   Annette Hannah and Becca’s Books were gracious enough to let me share the story with you. So here it is: Christmas on Becca’s Books | Festive Reading Recommendation by Annette Hannah ~… Read more

Virtual Cookie Party

posted on: December 6, 2015

  I’m spending the winter in Long Beach, California. Every morning, I open my door and the sky is blue, and the air warm. Snow, blistering wind seem far away. Don’t miss the bitter weather, but I’ll miss my cookie club and the traditional holiday parties. So this is my way of compensating…sharing a virtual… Read more