A Gift for You.

  You, my fans, readers, and social media connections inspired me.  Some time ago, I posted one of my paintings and then, prodded,  wrote a blog about the inspiring bird.  One of you suggested I write a children’s story.  Considering the suggestion, while  hunting for a way to combine my writing and my art, I made… Read more

The Paperback Edition Arrives!

  Last week it came in the mail! A carton of paperback books of A Gift for My Sister. Excitedly, I slit the tape on the box to view a new version of my novel. A digitalized photo of the cover had been emailed, so I knew it would be similar to the hardcover that… Read more

Super Bowl Black Bean Chili

The Super Bowl is one of the American events I usually watch and turn into a party.  After all, my children’s father played professional football, and my son was the senior running back when his high school won the Division 1 state championship and played in a minor bowl game during his college years before… Read more