Another Wonderful Christmas Cookie Club!

posted on: December 10, 2014

Another exciting, wonderful, loving, fun and delicious Christmas cookie club!

Our party this year reflected lots of changes. Marybeth Bayer, who was the hostesses, organizer and head cookie bitch for over twenty years, moved to be closer to her family.  Her friend, Karin, gladly picked up the reins and had the cookie exchange at her house. Some of the rules changed: we had chocolate chip cookies with and without nuts. One of us couldn’t attend this year and we baked twelve dozen cookies instead of thirteen holding her place for next year. We had a new cookie virgin, always a fun event.  And there were, briefly, men.

I made my grandmother’s molasses cookies a cookie which symbolizes changes to me.  There’s a story about this cookie in the cookbook Marybeth and I wrote: The Christmas Cookie Cookbook. 


I nestled them in containers that could be used for baking. And then covered them in white tissue paper, finishing it off with bright ribbons.

The party was the usual great fun. Terrific food. Lots of wine. We handed out cookies and told the story of the cookie which is always emblematic of the year and the changes in our lives. Or  the turmoil, and tumult of activity around the holiday season.

As usual, we danced, doing a impromptu Soul Train show to Al Green’s Love and Happiness, laughing, giggling, and shouting about our proficiencies.  Our hostess’s husband and a friend came home and joined the dancing. First time we had men at the party no matter how briefly.  Then we sang: Baby It’s Cold Outside, dividing ourselves up as ‘men’ or ‘women’ and then switching singing the roles. Twelve days of Christmas followed. No, we will not be asked to go on America’s Got Talent. But we will, once again,  donate eleven dozen cookies to our local hospice.


As the party ended, we voyaged into a dark night, sleet beginning to fall. The essence of the party had continued yet another year: warm girlfriends, stories, great food, scads of fun. We celebrated the spirit of love and giving which is so much a part of the season.   Together we turn the cold and dark winter bright and warm with our love and joy.

I wish all of you a holiday season rich with love and warmth.





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