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posted on: December 5, 2011

The Mother’s and More Book Club from Findlay, Ohio follows me on twitter and shared me their comments about The Christmas Cookie Club.  How fun to get to be ‘a spy’ at their discussion:


I really liked the “real life” feel of this book! The description of each woman gave me a feeling of “connectedness” with “her” and bought a sense of closeness to each character. Each story was down to earth, true to life, and was easy to relate to. Easy, fast read and wonderful stories.

This was a fast and easy read. I loved how each chapter started with a recipe and the history of ingredients. I have a new found appreciation for spices and ingredients I didn’t typically think about. I loved the characters and could relate a little to each.

I really enjoyed the book and all the recipes and ideas on having a Christmas cookie exchange. I liked how Marnie had a wide variety of friends- ones that she made and met throughout her life and her ever changing life. It is so real to life how we have different types of friends throughout our stages of life and how Marnie is able to keep them throughout her life and unite all of them at the Christmas cookie exchange. This was a feel good book and a joy to read.You want to be a part of this Christmas cookie exchange after reading this book.

–Suzy Nauert

I really enjoyed reading the information on the spices and ingredients and all of the recipes. My favorite part of the book was when all the women were dancing together; it was such a feel good part. I felt connected to the story and related to the problems having trouble with having babies.

Great read. I really enjoyed the interesting information about the everyday ingredients that we take for granted. How neat that they come from all different cultures and corners of the world combined in some of our favorite goodies. An interesting metaphor to a group of friends. All different, from different backgrounds, together form a strong bond.

-Lauralee Vonlehmden

I really enjoyed Marnie’s story and her relationship with her daughters. I hope our Mothers and More group can do our cookie exchange like the one in the book. I enjoyed where the spices were from. A really good read!!

-Amy Grimm (Mothers and More Book Club Coordinator)

First of all I love Christmas time!! So when I came across your book I knew I had to bring it to our book club meeting to read this year!! With that being said I am very thankful I did! What a wonderful story about friendships and traditions. I loved how each character not only had a story about their personal life, but about their cookie. I must say I wanted to jump right in and join their exchange because that is exactly how I envision a cookie exchange!  Our group currently does a cookie exchange,but will be changing things next year!!

-Holly Keckler (Mothers and More Co-Leader)

Book Club Discussion as a whole:

Everyone seemed to really enjoy your book and most finished within a week! We have decided that your book inspired us to use several of your ideas for our cookie exchange next year! In fact our exchange takes place next week and the first rule put into place is “No plastic wrap and paper plates”. The creative packaging was something we all enjoyed. Second, we are going to donate a set of cookies from each of us to the Hospice at our local hospital. This was something very important to one of our members who recently had her grandfather pass away in hospice and remembers the offering of cookies they had for them as they sat by his side not ever wanting to leave. This will hopefully be a continued tradition each year.

Thanks to you for such a wonderful, heartfelt story!!


Mothers and More
Findlay, Ohio Chapter 

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