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Roy Huff



About Roy 

Roy Huff, author of bestselling young adult epic fantasy novel Everville: The First Pillar, has agreed to a guest blog exchange on the subject of Perseverance.

Roy holds five degrees in four separate fields including liberal arts, history, secondary science education, and geoscience. Most recently, he was doing scientific research on the volcanos of Hawaii.   The second book in the Everville series, City of Worms will be released in August.



For those who have given into cynicism, the topic of perseverance may seem irrelevant. The idea that working hard at something will eventually pay off in the end may seem naïve. We work because we have to, not because we have some long-term dream that we hope someday to achieve. The economic downturn, has at least anecdotally, strengthened that notion. I was reminded of this fact after watching the movie The Internship, which, by the way, I highly recommend. It certainly seems that some people, especially as of late, have relegated the belief that anyone can reach beyond their means or class to the realm of fantasy and fiction.

I wrote an earlier post on how it’s not a good idea to make New Year’s resolutions. This was not because I don’t believe in setting lofty goals or having seemingly impossible dreams; it’s because accomplishing a goal requires hard work, determination, a plan of action, perseverance, and a sense of optimism and follow through which are unlikely to be achieved by simply participating in an annual ritual.

To the cynic, perseverance is pointless, akin to watching a hamster spin its wheel while making no real progress in forward motion. To the dreamer, it is the lack of understanding of what is required and a lack of follow through that can often lead to defeat. Perseverance, however, requires something that both the cynic and the dreamer often both lack, namely, patience.

While it’s true that even the hardest workers and planners can still fail at achieving their goals or dreams, the reason that most dreams go unrealized is not because those dreams aren’t unachievable or are unrealistic. The reason they go unrealized is usually because of three things. Lack of belief is the reason that is perhaps most self-evident. Lack of planning is the second reason and the easiest to correct. Finally, there is patience. Patience is a character trait that simply has to be developed over time. Patience is the killer. Patience is what is required in order set forth a proper plan of action that includes sufficient forethought, research, and a list of steps that need to be followed over time in order to achieve one’s goal.

Patience and a sense of optimism are both necessary before one can accomplish a goal, but ironically, taking the pragmatic steps of doing a little research and planning can help start one on the path of developing both optimism and patience. For at least some, a lack of belief can be corrected by doing a little research. If the research shows strong evidence that a goal is achievable, then the cynic can often be won over. If the dreamer, who often already has an over abundance of faith, does a little research, then the dreamer will be more likely to have the patience necessary to keep striving for the dream because the required steps have already been created to allow for an effective and pragmatic approach, which should provide real gains over time.

Unfortunately, the sad fact is that the cynic is often so set in their ways that it is nearly impossible to get them to take the first step of doing a little research, and with the dreamer, they are often so starry eyed that they rush in head first without taking the necessary steps of research and planning. This is the reason that most people don’t persevere; they lack belief or patience, which can often be overcome with sufficient research and planning.

For a few, the prudent, they will take their cue from those who’ve already achieved success, from those who’ve already figured out the secret to accomplishing one’s goals, and from those who’ve already realized their dreams. The prudent, will spend a sufficient amount of research and planning, which will allow them to create an effective strategy to make slow and steady forward motion in the direction of achieving their goal. This will reinforce their belief in success, and it will help them create the additional resolve needed to problem shoot through the obstacles that are certain to come their way on their journey to the finish line.


You can read my blog on perseverance on Roy’s website. Thank you, Roy, for being my guest.  You can learn more about Roy and the bestselling Everville Series here:


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13 thoughts on “Perseverance

  1. Pat Garcia says:

    Thank you for the time and effort you have put into this article on perseverance to inspire those of us who seem to be lagging. Your article has motivated me today.

    I am an American expatriate living in Europe and as a writer and singer, sometimes I ten to think it is hopeless to get recognized as a writer, if I am sitting in Europe, specifically, Germany, where most people speak German.

    So thank you because your article has motivated me to move on ahead with my blogging and to continue rewriting my books.

    At the right time the right doors will open.


  2. Nick LeVar says:

    Five degrees??? Wow.
    I agree that planning is required first. People tend to forget that and think that if they just stick with “it” long enough, then they will succeed. When they don’t, they give up. A sound, well thought out plan is mandatory.

    “The man who plans where he is going has a good idea when he will arrive.” -HE Lawrence

  3. kittyb78 says:

    Hi Roy and Ann. Awesome guest post. At least now I know I’m not truly cynical. 😛
    I believe perseverance goes a long way.

  4. Huntress says:

    Whether a person engineers the next technical marvel or only cleans toilets, that human should be proud of their work. A slap-dash job does nothing for self-esteem.

    Do the job right, care about your work for the sake of the result. That is also perseverance and a mindset.

  5. Sherry Ellis says:

    Perseverance is certainly the key to success! Excellent post!

  6. Peter Prasad says:

    I imagine writing myself into an intimate relationship with each reader. Delight & entertain them better than smores at the campfire.
    If some has-been know-it-all literatti comes by to chill the air, my reader & I stuff his mouth with marshmallows. Don’t interupt us; we’re reading & it’s magical.
    Thanks for the post. Perseverence is what all genuine people do – ie. never quit!

  7. Susanna Catherine Mahoney says:

    The blog is encouraging, yes it takes patience and research to follow through, it works better as a team cooperating together. If a single project, a written plan with the pros and cons can keep you on track. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Thank you to your hostess for sharing the wisdom. Learning is a new adventure every day.

  8. Toby Tate says:

    Spoken like a true scientist, Roy! And I agree that patience is the key here, because even after publication, books don’t automatically sell themselves. Readers need a reason to buy, and we as authors have to provide that reason. It’s a never-ending process. Thanks for the post!

  9. Thank you for the insights, Roy. Persistence can be an indicator of one’s commitment to a cause or an inspiration, hence it takes little effort to keep at it and soak up whatever response or support comes your way.

  10. Antonela Devetac says:

    Like I said you before, this is so loaded of reality.
    “Patience is the killer” were the words that left me thinking. That’s so true. The perseverence is everything, in any ambit of the life.
    Personally, this has made me feel and think to not surrender, that with enough time and effort everything is possible.
    This is the kind of articles that one should read every morning when you wake.
    Thanks to take your the time to shared this to us, Roy.
    Regards from Argentina.

  11. Perseverance is the cornerstone to success. Continue onward to reap the benefits of your endeavors! Congratulations on your wonderful book series.

  12. Shaine says:

    Very interesting and intriguing

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