Shebooks webpage is live!

posted on: May 27, 2014

Shebooks website is up and I wanted to make sure that you knew about this terrific new service for women who love to read.  They are publishing books for women, by women. Suited for the busy women, the books are short (less than 10,000 words) and available on line.  Here’s the story, straight from their webpage:


We believe the best stories deserve to be told and read, shared and talked about. We believe you shouldn’t have to hunt to find something great to read. That’s why we started Shebooks.
Shebooks is a curated collection of short e-books written by women, for women. All of our stories are easy to download and read on any digital device—and so good you’ll finish them in an hour or two. We like to think of ourselves as an e-book boutique, the kind where you’ll always find a story to fit your busy life.

Each book costs $2.99, or you can pay a monthly subscription and get unlimited access to the entire library– that’s an orgy of reading and books! 

I’ve read several and have loved them. Smart, witty, profound. On the new website,  there’s scads of information about each author, information about her book, readers guide, and interview to help the reader choose which book to read.  For example, here’s some of the information( summary, excerpt, reviews) on my book, His Eye Is On the Sparrow.

And here’s the first question of my interview:

Are there any themes that you find recurring in your writing?

Two themes recur in my writing, though neither one is apparent in His Eye Is on the Sparrow, except as harbingers of things to come. The first one is death. Many of my books, especially my fiction and memoirs, have a death as a significant turning point. The origin is in my life. About six weeks after the events of His Eye Is on the Sparrow occurred, my father died at 44 from a heart attack. I was with him when he died. Within the next decade, my grandmother and mother died. As well as two best friends: one from an allergic reaction to an anesthetic, and another was murdered. I was impacted by the knowledge that death strikes anywhere, at any time, without respect for age, or health.

The second is the sister of death, and that’s luck. Since I was a child, as soon as I understood the basics of reproduction, I wondered at the miraculous event of my existence. If my parents had made love a different day, if a different sperm fought its way to the ovum that was my other half, I would have been a different person. Maybe a boy. Maybe not loving art so much, or writing or dancing. I’ve always been grateful for the luck of my existence and my parents, who were able to nourish and encourage me.

But luck is a two-edged sword. Life is full of serendipitous events spinning into new directions. Some of the eventual outcomes cannot be predicted from the incident itself. For example, my divorce was a watershed event that I struggled to survive. But survive I did and later realized that my ex-husband had done me a huge favor.


For writers: Shebooks is also very involved in assuring women writers equality in promotion, reviews, and publishing.  And check out equal writes 2014 and Kickstarter campaign.

For readers: Take a look at the webpage, browse the books. “They get it. You’re  always looking for a great, fast read. (Shebooks) has nothing but short e-books by the best women writers.”

For all of us: Shebooks is a great idea with great books at a reasonable price.


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