Thank you, Christmas Cookie Club fans…

posted on: May 18, 2012


I’m so grateful for your support I want to give something back to readers who have given me so much. We’ve had such a wonderful time on this page.  We’ve shared stories of cookie exchanges, and the warm feeling that donating home-baked cookies provides.  We’ve shared cookie recipes, pictures from cookie exchanges and friends. We had a terrific cookie contest and I got to bake one of the winner’s recipes for my cookie party and all the winners’ recipes were published in the paperback of the Christmas Cookie Club.

Amazing things have happened as The Christmas Cookie Club made its way around the world and we heard from hospices and Australia, as well as the homeless in Chicago.  You’ve been almost as excited as me when you saw a new cover from Croatia, China, Brazil!  And moved when, because of the publicity from my book, one of my friends was reunited with her sister! It’s been great fun, and I’ve been so grateful for your support, and sharing your holiday experiences and recipes.  You have made the holiday season extra special and added to all the excitement of publishing my first novel.

But it hasn’t simply been about The Christmas Cookie Club. You celebrated with me when I finished that half triathalon last summer (Yep, I’m going to do it again this year!), joked about my being besieged by the deer and wild turkeys (saw a fox scamper across this year and the deer herd is now 9 and I swear there’s a male wild turkey who thinks he’s part of it!).

Now, I have another novel out, A Gift for My Sister, and it’s already getting great reviews: Poignant and hear-racing. Don’t worry, it has some of the same characters you loved in The Christmas Cookie Club, and yummy recipes!  I also have a new author page . Now I want to give something to you, my readers and fans, who have been part of the celebration and fun! So I’m giving away an autographed copy of my new book. You can go to my new fan page and register and I hope you win.  See you there!


2 thoughts on “Thank you, Christmas Cookie Club fans…

  1. Tina Novotny says:

    A Gift for my Sister is on order at the library where I work. I will watch for it to be “in process.” At which time I can request it to read. I really enjoyed Christmas Cookie Club. I look forward to reading the new book and seeing the included recipes.

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