The Paperback Edition Arrives!

posted on: February 12, 2013

Last week it came in the mail! A carton of paperback books of A Gift for My Sister. Excitedly, I slit the tape on the box to view a new version of my novel.

A digitalized photo of the cover had been emailed, so I knew it would be similar to the hardcover that I loved.  But the excitement still remains. There is nothing like the reality of seeing and touching the book itself.

The paperback maintains the sense of the hardback:  glossy orange print against the soft matt blues. But there’s a blurb above the title. Under my name a banner announces: Nationally bestselling author of The Christmas Cookie Club.   On the back are additional blurbs, a summary, and a picture with a short bio.

Each version of a manuscript is a thrill. The process of simply seeing the book move from screen to paper, to different fonts, to galleys alters the appearance of the book, and thus its aura. While editing,  I change the font to trick myself into reading it as if for the first time. With a hand held book, the author sees her words in an altered configuration wrapped in a tidy package holding the dreams, thoughts, senses of the invented characters.

Each book is a writer’s dream become manifest.

I know some of what will happen next.  In two weeks, the book will be in the stores accompanied by a flurry of publicity, a giveaway, and a surprise gift for all my fans.  (Yep, I promise. A Gift for all of you!)

One of the blessings of the social media is how easy it is for readers to reach an author. So a few weeks after the paperback is for sale, readers will tell me the impact of the book as my narrative intersects with other lives and is interpreted by new personalities.  How people react to a book is emblematic of the great diversity between us all for each of us experiences everything uniquely. With Gift people seem to have strong opinions about the characters, often hating one sister and loving the other.  One woman’s life was so spookily similar a sister’s that she was afraid of continuing to read as there might be a tragedy which would then arrive in her own life.  A young woman from the UK tweeted that she sobbed when she finished because she didn’t want to leave them.  The book changed how she viewed life. In the next few months I have all of this to look forward to.

But today, I unveil the newest edition of A Gift For My Sister to share it with you.  Every day of writing it was an immense pleasure and joy.   And every edition beautiful to hold. I hope you, too, enjoy my novel.






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