Two Illustrated Short Stories for the Price of One!

posted on: September 28, 2016

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Angels, the tale of something wonderful happening in a dismal world, is now live on Amazon with all illustrations in vibrant and glorious color.

To celebrate, I am giving away my illustrated short story, Other Lives.  It will be free for three days from September 29 – October 1. You can get two illustrated short stories for the price of one, only $2.99.

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Angels is an illustrated short story for adults. Set in inner city Detroit, this is a tale of a family beset by the traumas of drug addiction, adultery, prison, violence as well as the joys of sexuality, love and, especially, children.  The mother, desperate when her husband is sent to prison, becomes a stripper to support her two daughters, her angels.

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Creating illustrated short stories is my way to combine my love of writing with art.  The story won a prize from a small literary journal more than a decade ago and was partly inspired by my work in a woman’s prison.  The story of a stripper, her children and the men in her life is definitely for grown-ups though the images of eroticism and violence are tasteful. There are over 13 different images of mixed media.

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With only five star reviews, readers have said: “It is a love story, a story of pain and hurt, a story of beauty in every life…”

“It illustrates how human we all are, how life is never predictable and how much love and forgiveness can exist in the human heart.”

“heartbreaking and touching at the same time… it highlights the hope and struggles of those in seemingly impossible situations. Unique and vivid illustrations”

“A short and powerful read about love and choices. Oh so beautifully written with sparse poetic language….love takes many forms. I loved this…”

You can purchase Angels  here.    And you can read more about Angels here.


In Other Lives, a child leads her mother on a journey into a magical and terrifying past. Touching and sensitive, the short story which won a prize,  sustains dreams and fears while the collage images encourage enchantment and the remembrance of childhood moments.


Reviewers have said, “… Brilliantly done. I will definitely be reading more from this author.”

“In Other Lives, Ann Pearlman ventures into a new genre and displays her amazing creativity as both a writer and an artist. Both the story and the collages are captivating, engaging your senses while pulling at your heartstrings. Presented as if it were or could be a children’s story, Other Lives has a profound message about life, love and “home.” I can’t imagine anyone not being elevated by reading it.”


You can pick up Other Lives for free here.  And you can read more about Other Lives  here.


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